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30 Jun 2021

Sign up for the Summer 2021 session of the MULTI-VERSES workshop! 

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28 Apr 2021

"Bottlenecks: My Mother's Walks and Other Perils" is published in DiaCritics Out of the Margins essay series. 


16 Apr 2021


ACCENTEDiRL: Dialogues in Diaspora features authors, artists, poets, and cultural producers across the Southeast Asian diaspora, hosted by Pulitzer-prize winning author Viet Thanh Nguyen.


5 May 2021

Writing Workshop

We will read immigrant writers and glean their techniques for blending the present with the historical, the personal, and political, the weighty with the whimsical.

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6 Apr 21 2021

Writing Our Legacies

For an unprecedented event celebrating Montagnard American writers, join H'Rina DeTroy in a chat with Y-Danair Niehrah, the author of Homeland: A Vietnam War Story of the Montagnards, and Anna Ksor Buonya, daughter of the author H’Yoanh Buonya who wrote Escaping Viet Nam: H’Yoanh’s Story.



23 Mar 2021

If history is made durable by the survival of the written records, as Montagnard Americans in the twenty-first century, a radical act against our historical erasure is to write our stories now.


12 Feb 2021


Surviving Tet: Luckiest of the Unlucky 


21 Feb 2021

Liann Yamashita's heartwarming podcast where I spoke on writing about my experience as a Montagnard American, teen angst as a 10 year old, and existential terror aroused by big frozen ponds in Maine.

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